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Final Project Proposal

Cyber Bullying

A theme statement (why?): I would like to address the issue of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is an increasing issue in today’s society because of the wide variety of social media being used. About 1 in 3 people have experience cyberbullying at some point and sometimes even more than once. Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users, Twitter has 200 million, and Instagram has 100 million users. These are just a few of the top social networking programs. People are so into these networks that often times cyber bullying can take place. People assume it’s an easy way to bully someone without being caught and without having to say it in person. A lot of times people don’t realize what they are saying can cause serious long-lasting damage to someone. Cyberbullying is shown to often times cause depression, health effects, and thoughts of suicide. It’s been studied that people are 2 to 9 times more likey to consider suicide when they have been cyberbullied. This is a serious issue that often times is pushed aside. I choose it because I want the issue to be brought up and recognized by people, especially teenagers.


Message: The message I wish to convey is that words can be more dangerous than we think especially on the internet because they can never be earased and anyone can see them. Also, words can often times be interpreted differently over the computer because you can’t always tell what the persons attitude really is or if they are joking or not. Hopefully this helps people to think before they say things online.

Target Audience: My target audience is teenagers (ages 13-23) Teenagers are the most users of social medias such as facebook and twitter. They are also most likely to be doing cyberbullying.

Color Scheme: My color scheme is cyberbully by mcurtis from kuler.  It is shades of blue and blacks. This will go go with my theme because it is dark colors which expresses the mood of the topic. Also a lot of networking colors are blue so the different shades of blue will work well.

Pictures/etc: I took pictures that I sent to my email. I took pictures of a person typing on the computer as if she were being cyber bullied. Also I took pictures of the different social media’s such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  I image using the different symbols that each of the social medias have like the blue f symbol for facebook. Also, phones can we a way of cyberbulling so I have a screenshot of a fake message to show cyber bullying.